Council claims £150m in efficiency savings

By Farnham Herald in Community News

SURREY County Council is on track to save taxpayers more than £150million since 2010 at a rate of almost £60,000 every day through striking better deals.

Annual figures are set to show savings from negotiating better contracts of £14million for the 2016/17 financial year when it ends this month.

Reaching that sum will propel total savings over seven years to £156million, or the equivalent of £58,700 daily. That would be more than enough to pay for the council’s five-year Operation Horizon scheme to rebuild hundreds of miles of roads.

As in previous years, savings in the current financial year have been secured by the council’s procurement team through securing better contracts with the likes of IT businesses, building firms and energy suppliers.

Other savings have been made by working closely with some of the authority’s key suppliers to minimise cost increases from market pressures.

Costs have also been driven down by joining forces with other councils – a partnership with East Sussex called Orbis covering services including human resources, property and information technology aims to save up to £8million annually by 2019.

The authority has made a total of £450million-worth of savings from its annual budget since 2010 and is aiming to save £700million by 2020.

Denise Le Gal, Surrey County Council’s cabinet member for business services, said: “With rising demand meaning money’s really tight, we’re absolutely determined to ensure taxpayers get the best possible deals and making £150million of savings from striking better deals bears testament to that.

“We’ll continue to leave no stone unturned in our quest for efficiencies although they’ll be increasingly hard to come by, particularly in areas like adult social care where demand is rising by £24million each year.”

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