Artist Heather Chuter, best known for her portraits of local artists and craftspeople, has turned her focus to the countryside of the South Downs and the Surrey Hills for her first print collection.

Entitled, Magic in Those Trees, it consists of ethereal photographs, many taken in the hills and tree canopy around Haslemere.

Her process involves a combination of multiple exposures in camera, digital layering and artwork.

Inspiration for the collection came from the landscape but also from the people who work in it, whose portraits she has created.

Heather said: “My collection of ethereal works is inspired by walks I love in our area and some sort of weird jealousy – I am a portrait artist and have recently photographed several en plain air painters in the area.

“ I was enamoured watching the process, and though my portrait work is painterly and ethereal I wanted to take it further with my expression and personal experience, so I pushed myself into a new territory, creating quirky, colourful impressions of my favourite places around Haslemere using multiple in camera exposures and digital layering and manipulation.

“Portrait work is certainly my niche and what I love to do.

“However for the first time ever my head was turned to subjects other than people. Inspired by my subjects? Perhaps. Particularly the painters. I love spending time with them and shooting them.

“I use my camera like a creative tool so I experiment.”

Heather’s new collection along with her portraits can be seen at