Churcher’s College has been rated outstanding by an independent review.

The inspection was carried out in November by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI), the independent schools’ equivalent of Ofsted.

It covered every aspect of the school from nursery and reception in Liphook to senior and sixth form in Petersfield.

Headmaster Simon Williams said: “It is incredibly rewarding to be graded as an excellent school in all areas.

“As a school, we endeavour to develop happy, resilient and resourceful girls and boys ready for the world ahead, therefore it is very encouraging to receive independent recognition and endorsement that the pupils really do benefit from the opportunities and support delivered.”

The ISI is appointed by the Department of Education to inspect independent schools in England and British schools overseas.

It found the quality of the pupils’ academic and other achievements was excellent, and that they achieve a high standard of results in public examinations.

This “reflects strong progress sustained over the years and the impact of committed teaching,” the report says.

“Pupils are highly articulate communicators inside and outside of the classroom... and have highly positive attitudes towards their work

“Pupils have a strong sense of right and wrong and show an excellent ability to regulate their behaviour. Pupils are highly supportive of each other in school and have a strong awareness of their responsibilities towards the wider community.”

The report noted that almost all the students in Year 13 left to go to university, a large majority to their first-choice destinations “which include institutions with demanding entry requirements”.

It says pupils take “great pleasure” and gain “valuable skills” from their participation in “the wide-ranging extra-curricular programme provided by the school”.

The inspectors made their judgements after observing lessons, sampling students’ work, holding discussions with staff and governors.

The only note for improvement regarded “more consistent integration” for information and communication technology (ICT).

The complete report can be found at the college’s website at