A Headley Down man caught speeding 52mph in a 30mph limit has been spared a driving ban because of the impact it would have on his family.

Daniel Jinks, 37, of Alder Road, pleaded guilty to breaking the speed limit in a Ford Transit on the B3004 on August 13, 2021.

But at his sentencing hearing at Aldershot Magistrates’ Court on February 6, magistrates cited “mitigating circumstances” when considering a possible driving disqualification, namely the impact a ban would have on Jinks’ mother, father and children.

Instead, Jinks was slapped with a £500 fine and six penalty points on his driving licence.

He was also ordered to pay £110 costs to the Crown Prosecution Service and a £50 surcharge to fund victim services.

Sentencing guidelines state anyone driving 51mph or over in a 30mph limit should be disqualified from driving for seven to 56 days or given six points on their driving licence.