RALLYING calls to protest directly to town MP Jeremy Hunt as well as the “goons” at Surrey County Council have been issued as anger mounts over the potholed state of the roads.

Following the plea by Woolmer Hill School reported in last week’s Herald to prioritise repairs to its main access road for the safety of its students, former town mayor Malcolm Carter urged objectors to “rise up” and write to their county councillor and MP.

Mr Carter said: “I have been driving for more than 50 years and cannot remember a time when I have ever seen anything like this.

“The two roads in the Hindhead area, A287 and Tilford Road, are in an appalling state of repair.

“If you do damage your car they say you can claim but Surrey have now found a way around that because once it has an ‘orange spot’ it is notified and unclaimable. The orange spots have no timespan.

“We pay taxes on our income, taxes on our properties, road tax on our cars and tax on the fuel to run them so why we have allowed ourselves to get in this state?

“Please rise up and write to your councillor and MP, then perhaps they might get the message.”

Fellow former town mayor Sahran Abeysundara protested on Haslemere Herald’s Facebook page: “The recently botched-up potholes repairs in Wey Hill and Lion Lane are already re-opening.

“Our Surrey county councillor better get out there and whip some road worker posterior. This needs to be fixed now.”

Also posting, Nick McConnell commented: “I think a motion should be started where we all stop paying our council tax to these goons at Surrey County Council.”

Responding to the mounting anger in the town, conveyed directly by Haslemere county councillor Nikki Barton, Surrey’s highways portfolio holder councillor Matt Furniss is coming to see for himself this week.