February is certainly the month of saying it with flowers, as Valentine’s Day sits prominently half-way through the month.

Red roses, chocolates, and maybe a bottle of bubbly are seen as de riguer by many. Of course, you wouldn’t be the most popular person if you turned up with, say, a pumpkin instead of a bunch of flowers; it might look attractive and taste lovely, but it doesn’t quite have the emotional and romantic aura that roses have. 

Having said that, a basket of freshly harvested vegetables, with their different colours, textures and shapes, looks stunning and has its own kind of beauty.

Just as chocolates and roses are associated with a romantic feel, the bright and wholesome vegetables are associated with health and vigour.

So why not say it with vegetables, and give someone a month’s trial veg bag from Farnham Community Farm for another occasion? It might just be the nourishing, health-giving and tasty gift that will provide lots of delicious meals.

Meanwhile, back at the farm, winter has been a time of making, repairing, tidying and organising. Tasks that are put on the waiting list during summer, when the growing season is in full swing, get seen to when it’s a bit less hectic.

Water tanks have been levelled; while anything from small tools to the seed store, paperwork, cutlery and crockery has been sorted out and re-organised. It’s like an early spring clean. It certainly feels good and creates a serene sense of order.

Out in the field, work has not stopped either. The rhubarb beds have been weeded and mulched; one of our long-standing volunteers sowed no fewer than ten trays of shallots! 

And one of our regular school groups joined in preparing the beds ready for the peas. One team filled wheelbarrows with home-made compost, whilst the other sprinkled it over the beds. It’s always so satisfying and exciting to see another row ready to give the vegetables the best possible start. 

Are you curious about what Farnham Community Farm does? Fancy having a nose around? Then you can join us for a volunteer walkaround on Tuesday, March 5 from 10.30am to 11.30am, or at a Social Saturday on February 24 from 10am to 3pm. Just drop us a line at [email protected] or go to our website www.farnhamcommunityfarm.com

Looking forward to seeing you!