Pupils from Fernhurst Primary School embraced Kindness Week by delivering seed bombs to their local community. 

The week began with a school assembly focusing on kindness, encouraging students to perform random acts of kindness and share their experiences. Activities included making and delivering seed bombs, made of compost, soil, and wildflower seeds, to village residents. The goal was to promote blossoming flowers and attract pollinating insects.

Fernhurst’s Rusty Club, an after-school wellbeing group, led the seed bomb project. Throughout the week, students documented their acts of kindness, such as helping with housework, finding lost items, and holding doors open. They also noted acts of kindness they observed, like good manners and consideration for others.

Mental health specialist Heather Lucas from Bite Sized Psychology spearheaded the week, culminating in an assembly discussing the emotional impact of kindness. 

One six-year-old said: “It feels good to be kind, it makes me smile.” 

A parent added: “Fernhurst is a fabulous place for my child to be – I love the ongoing focus on how to help others and be a good person. School is so much more than academics.”

Jennifer Thornton, headteacher at Fernhurst Primary, said: “It was fantastic to see the children embracing our Kindness Week so positively. We have had a very good response from the school community and the wider community and this has really boosted the children’s confidence. 

“Nurturing is part of our school ethos and we are delighted to be able to encourage the children to nurture those around them.”