THE Environment Agency is appealing for comments on an environmental permit application received from Countrywide Park Homes, which seeks to release 43.2 cubic metres of secondary treated sewage effluent into Frensham Great Pond.

The waste will be extracted from 90 two-bedroom residential holiday lets – on land at Frensham Country Park, in Wishanger Road, Churt – and will be treated by sewage treatment works.

But the website of Countrywide Park Homes (CPH) stated there would be “detached single-storey two and three-bed homes,” and not simply two bed ones as the consultation indicated at the Symondstone Farm site.

The proposed discharge is into Whitmore Vale Stream which is a tributary of Frensham Great Pond which leads to the River Wey.

The Environment Agency said it will take all “consultation responses into consideration” as part of its determination of the permit.

“If we decide to grant the permit we will explain how we have made our decision and how we have addressed the concerns that were raised,” a spokesman said.

The agency will only issue a permit if it believes harm to the environment, people and wildlife will be minimised and the operator has the ability to meet the conditions of the permit.

It also noted if a business could prove any proposed activities met all legal requirements, plus environmental, technological and health ones, the EA was legally obliged to issue a permit –even if some people do not approve of the decision.

CPH partner Jonathan Harvey said: “Countrywide Park Homes sought the professional advice of many drainage specialists before submitting the environmental permit application.

“The determination with how best to proceed is now with the Environment Agency. We are committed to ensuring any waste from the site is treated and disposed of in a suitable manner so not to damage the local environment.

“As such, CPH?plans to follow the expert advice provided by the Environment Agency once a recommendation has been made.”

A?spokesman for Symondstone Community Action Group – set up in opposition to the application – said: “We are pleased the consultation period has been extended to allow all interested parties to make their representations. We remain concerned with the proposal as it currently stands and trust the Environment Agency will take all representations into account before making their decision.

“As expressed by Jeremy Hunt MP, Frensham Pond and the surrounding heathland are a precious resource that should be preserved and not placed at unnecessary risk. We trust the EA will ensure this is the case and cost considerations will not be a deciding issue.”

To comment go to tinyurl. com/hoxgrgj (ref code EPR/ FB3896EQ/A001). Alternatively send your comments to: Environment Agency Permitting and Support Centre, The Water Quality Team Quadrant 2, 99 Parkway Avenue, Sheffield, S9 4WF.