Thinking about selling your home?

These simple tips can help to improve your kerb appeal, which can be a major factor in getting a buyer interested in your property.

Clean the exterior of your house

It may seem obvious, but the cleaner your house looks, the more appealing it will look to a potential buyer. Scrub the windows, door and any marks on the walls.

Brighten up your front door

Give your front door - and maybe external window frames - a fresh lick of paint.

If you live in a countryside area, choosing a colour that complements the surroundings can be a good idea, such as a soft green or brown.

A black door can look sleek and timeless on a modern home, while slate blue can add a hint of sophistication.

Freshen door decorations

Take a look at your knocker, handle and letterbox. If they are looking dull, shine them up or replace them, or even add a complementary colour of paint to them to help them stand out against the door.

Maintain your front garden

If you have a front garden, make sure that it is neat, mown and has no weeds. If you have hedges in front of your house, keep them trimmed.

Check fences and gates

If you have fences or gates, check them for rust or peeling paint and repair any broken latches or panels. It also may be worth repainting fences if they are looking weathered.

Maintain the driveway and pathway

Look for loose paving stones leading up to your front door, and have new ones laid if there are cracks. Keep the drive and path clean, and give your car a once-over too if it is in front of your house.

Check what is in your windows

Having cluttered window sills can make your house look untidy from the outside, even if the items are neatly arranged.

Neaten bins

If possible, put your bins somewhere out of sight, so that they aren’t part of your potential buyer’s first impression of the house.

Add greenery

If your front garden is looking a little plain, or you don’t have a front garden, consider adding some plants to make the approach to the front door look more inviting.

You could do this by adding hanging baskets by your door or windows, window boxes or planters, or even bushes or small trees.

Remove personal items

Keeping children’s toys or garden gnomes in front of your house can be off-putting for potential buyers.

Taking advantage of these tips could add to the value of your property - and before you know it, your house will be sold!

What are your house hacks? Share your tips in the comments below.