A group of Grayswood Road residents are campaigning to have the 30mph zone extended to where motorists enter Haslemere.

The speed limit changes from 30mph to 40mph before the junction with Beech Road, and remains 40mph until motorists reach Grayswood.

Grayswood Road has been the scene of a number of fatal incidents.

Resident Kate Stuzer – who has helped organise the group of residents – said: “We have lived here for eight years and three people have died on the road.

“Coming out of Beech Road on to Grayswood Road is so dangerous.

“We have set up a Community Speedwatch with other residents.

“We want the 30mph zone from Haslemere to Grayswood extended. The 40mph zone feels like 50 or 60mph. It needs to be 30mph.

“We have contacted Surrey County Council and asked them to take action. We have also contacted Jeremy Hunt about it.

“Jeremy Hunt has said he agrees with us – but otherwise what we are saying seems to fall on deaf ears. I will keep pursuing it as much as I can.

“My husband and I used to live in South East London, and it was safer crossing the road there. Three people didn’t die there in eight years.

“So many drivers speed down that road. It is a nice, straight road and people speed on it to Grayswood – 30mph needs to be enforced, but Surrey Highways won’t do anything.

“It is time to get people together on this.”

Speeding cars on Grayswood Road are making it difficult to cross the road safely, says Kate.

She said: “It’s hard to cross the road quickly enough – the traffic is way too fast.

“My buggy shakes when I try to walk on the road.

“There is also an old people’s home on one side of the road.

“It makes it difficult to walk into Haslemere.

“There is hardly any free parking in Haslemere, so if they want the town to prosper pedestrians should be able to feel safe enough to walk into town.

“There should be speed cameras like lots of other areas.

“It would pay for itself with the amount of speeding.”