Are you ready to get your socks knocked-off? 

At John Nicholson’s monthly general auction on July 29 in Fernhurst, Lot 141,  a sock making machine sold for £550! 

The Cymbal Limited cast-iron knitting machine sold with instructions so the lucky buyer can knit as many socks as they wish – or just one pair for £275 per sock.

Other notable items were:

- A camera collection which sold for £4300.

- Lot 971 Scottish dirk (a long-bladed thrusting dagger) which sold for £2100.

- Lot 980 Group of medals (including two first world war military medals presented to 6153 private E L Finch, fifteenth London regiment) which sold for £1500.

- Lot 1018 collection of 19th century jewellery including brooches, rings, pendants sold for £1800.