ARTHUR English, actor and comedian, and the first president of Aldershot Town FC, has been commemorated with a blue plaque to mark where he was born in Aldershot.

English, who made his stand-up reputation as a spiv, ‘The Prince of the Wide boys’, died in 1995 aged 75.

Jess Conrad, singer and actor, unveiled the Aldershot Civic Society plaque at 22 Lysons Road, where English was born in 1919, joined by members of the comedian’s family.

The plaque is the first to be granted in the town by the Aldershot Civic Society.

Later in his career, Arthur English, who designed the Shots club badge depicting a rising phoenix, appeared in Are You Being Served? and many other television series, including Dad’s Army, The Ghosts of Motley Hall, In Sickness and in Health, and the children’s programme Follyfoot in which he played the dependable Slugger Jones, an ex-boxer.