A COUPLE in Folly Hill will be celebrating a platinum 70 years of marriage on Easter Monday.

Pat and David Goffin were married at St Mark’s Church in Cheltenham by Pat’s father way back in 1950.

Since then, they have lived in Cherhill, Cardiff, Chippenham, Nottingham, Bristol, Hale (the village in Cheshire, not north Farnham), Sutton Coldfield, then London – all of these during their first 37 years of marriage.

They then moved to Farnham in 1987 and decided they’d had enough of their itinerant lifestyle and have stayed put in the town ever since.

The reasons for this are simple: they love Farnham, the friends they have made and the fellowship at St Andrew’s Church, where they can still be found every Sunday.

Despite being nonagenarians, they remain mentally and physically well enough to enjoy life, encouraged by their ever-growing family of four children, ten grandchildren, ten great-grandchildren, assorted partners as well as their friends – all of whom will be together for a special platinum anniversary meal later in the year.