A HEADLEY woman is launching a product which offers a solution for persistent crying in young babies.

Nicky Bateman founded Qudo Baby in 2020, and the Qudo Soother – which is scheduled to go to market this summer – was a finalist in the 2021 Baby Products Association Concept and Innovation Awards .

One of the judges, Rachelle Harel, said: “Myself and the other judges were hugely impressed with this product.

“Our feelings were it was a product that solves the problems of many mums.

“What we specifically liked about Qudo was its simplicity, easy application for mothers, fathers and carers as well as practitioners.

“The commercial viability of this product is very high, it’s easily manufactured, easily accessible and it is affordable for parents.

“That’s what parents want – a simple affordable solution for their problems.”

Qudo Soother is a result of ten years’ research and product development.

Nicky said: “The local support has been incredible.

“From the academic input, to parents in focus groups, professionals volunteering their time and locals supporting the fundraising, I have been overwhelmed by the passion to bring this product to market.

“Persistent crying is one of the most common issues for parents of young, otherwise healthy babies, regardless of background, culture or experience. I believe Qudo Soother will bring a simple, effective, affordable solution to this age-old problem.”