The mayor of Waverley, Cllr John Ward, joined in hoppa’s 20th birthday celebrations by unveiling the newest member of hoppa’s fleet – its first electric bus.

“Launching this new electric bus is a very fitting way to celebrate hoppa’s achievements over the past 20 years and to look forward to future decades of providing safe, affordable and sustainable local transport,” said Cllr Ward.

Richard Davies, hoppa’s general manager, added: “I’d like to thank the mayor for helping us to celebrate our 20th birthday and for wishing us well on our journey to net zero.

“When hoppa began, we knew we wanted to be more than a transport provider.

“We wanted to look after our customers with a service which centres around caring staff and carefully designed buses to keep customers safe and comfortable, from door to door.

“We care about our effect on the environment too – so our new bus which runs on electricity is really exciting.

“It’s better for our customers, our drivers, for local air quality and the planet.

“We hope to add more electric vehicles to our fleet in the future.”

Cllr Ward met hoppa’s trustees and members of staff to find out more about the impact the charity has had over the past 20 years and its plans for the future.

Reducing its impact on the planet is not hoppa’s only challenge. Trustees talked to the mayor about running a service that is financially sustainable too.

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