Andrews' Endowed CE Primary School in Holybourne is leading a campaign to save lollipop men and women from Hampshire County Council cuts.

As the council attempts to plug a £132 million hole in its 2025-26 budget, school crossing patrols are among services facing the axe.

But the school has rallied its children to champion the cause of road safety while working closely with crossing patrol guard Paul Susans to enhance pupils’ understanding of how to cross roads properly.

The proposed cuts have raised concerns among staff, parents and Holybourne residents.

Headteacher Gemma Gundry said: “As the community unites to safeguard the future of school crossing patrols, Andrews’ Endowed CE Primary School stands as a beacon of advocacy, emphasising that the safety of our children is not an area where compromises should be made.

“The hope is that the county authorities will reconsider these proposed cuts and prioritise the well-being of the youngest members of our community.”

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