The Edge officially closed its doors on July 1 after its lease was not renewed by Waverley Borough Council leaving many clubs and users homeless.

The decision was made by Waverley council after deciding the cost of operating The Edge through a third-party was too much.

Despite knowing about the closure since April last year, owners Surrey County Council only told the clubs a week before the closure that they needed to find a new home.

Many clubs have written to the Herald to express their anger and devastation at the betrayal they feel after countless assurances were made by Waverley council that a new operator would be found and The Edge would not have to close.

Among the clubs to write in were the Swallows Trampoline Club and The Edge Badminton Club. Both of whom have been using The Edge for years and cannot believe their time at the leisure centre has come to such an abrupt and devastating end with currently no clear prospect of the doors being re-opened.

The Swallows Trampoline Club, a successful and inclusive club, has been running for 20 years and has a membership of approximately 140 children.

They said the loss of the venue will leave local children without a trampoline club, the squad without a training venue and 14 coaches without work. It is a devastating blow to the club and to community sport in Haslemere.

Christina Linton, Senior Coach and National Level Competitor of SWTC, said: "As a coach I am writing on behalf of myself, and other coaching colleagues whose main source of income comes from working from this venue. The Edge leisure centre is one of very few venues we can run from due to the height and storage space needed for our sport."

She added: "The decision to close the Edge was made just two weeks before one of the biggest competitions for some of our competitors, the qualifier for the national team. We are very proud to have taken gymnasts to national level competitions for many years, but without the space and equipment we won’t have these opportunities moving forward, which is devastating for the coaches and the gymnasts competing."

Thirteen-year-old Liv Sellers has been trampolining with SWTC since she was four. She personally wrote to the Herald to express her sadness over The Edge’s closure.

She said: “I believe that this decision is unfair as lots of people use it and a lot of people have been using it for many years and it means a lot to them. Trampolining means everything to me and I feel that it is very unfair to close down something I love when the community and I have had no proper say.”

She finished her letter with this plea: “For the sake of everybody who uses The Edge, I would ask that you please keep The Edge open.”

The Edge Badminton Club held what they fear might be their last club night at The Edge on June 26. There has been a badminton club based at The Edge since the centre was built with National Lottery and community funding in 1999.

They said the closure of The Edge would be a significant loss to the local sports community which includes many different sports clubs from trampolining to table tennis.

Chris Grimes, chairman of Sport Haslemere, said: “This has been a most frustrating period where despite all our efforts we have been unable to get the guarantees all of our clubs so desperately need about the future of the facilities at The Edge.

“Despite assurances from the leader of Waverley Borough Council we still do not have any certainty going forward.”