Haslemere residents are wagging their tails with excitement as a new dog-walking group, DogPals, has recently formed in the area.

The group, which is run through a WhatsApp list, allows dog owners to connect with other dog owners and find compatible playmates for their furry friends.

Whether it’s sorting out breeds, sizes, or ages, the group helps dogs find the perfect playmates to tire them out, and make them the goodest of good boys and girls.

Founder Barbara Caswell said: “We immediately found two young puppies who can meet as soon as their vaccinations are in effect. It’s like a dating app for dogs, but without the swiping left and right.”

The group also shares tips and information about dog-friendly destinations and walks, and plans group walks for when the weather is better.

But it’s not just about playdates, the group also shares wisdom on how to introduce strange dogs to each other, how to deal with fireworks and sleep problems, and how to help dogs with separation anxiety.

Barbara continued: “Socialisation is key to a pack animal’s development, as they are taken from their litter-mates. Poorly socialized dogs often become defensive and even aggressive as their fears of the unknown grow, leading to difficult years ahead.”

The group aims to create well-behaved and well-exercised canine citizens, and to keep them welcome in the community by respecting wildlife and cleaning up after their pets.

While Haslemere may not have a fenced dog park, the group hopes to succeed in making the area a haven for happy dogs. As the old saying goes, “A tired dog is a good dog!” and with DogPals, Haslemere's dogs are sure to be tired, and good, and happy.

Feeling social? Send a text message to 07739 432055 and ask to be added to the DogPals WhatsApp group.