A RACE against the clock to crack the locking codes and escape from their classroom, not only thrilled Barrow Hills School students but also sharpened their wits.

Year 5 and Year 6 pupils at the Witley school were gripped by the immersive learning experience they took part in on Monday, laid on by School Escape Rooms in an inter-active workshop.

The workshop – Classroom Escapes – is an innovative way of learning designed to encourage problem solving, logical reasoning and team work.

Pupils taking part had to think fast as they tried to unravel the mystery and ‘free themselves’ before the clock had counted down. Classroom Escapes is based around core national curriculum subjects – maths, history and science – but they take on a whole new meaning when they become the means to escape in an exciting adventure game.

At the start of the session the children were shown the ‘escape box’ and told how it worked – on first sight, it just looked like a locked wooden box.

They were told that everything needed to open it, including keys, padlocks, codes and riddles, was provided in the room for them.

But only when the codes had been successfully cracked and the riddles solved, could they gain access to the box and complete the challenge.

Middle prep head Josh Andrade, who organised the workshop, said: “This type of learning fits perfectly with the ‘brave and curious’ traits we uphold in the Barrow Hills pupil profile.

“School Escape Rooms provide a unique experience and encourage a fresh way of learning. They take the children out from behind their desks and urge them to follow their imagination and develop creative thought processes.

“As well as linking to several national curriculum subjects, the exercise has been extremely beneficial in helping to develop communication, problem solving and inference skills, as well as promoting team building and encouraging perseverance.”