CHILDREN at Fernhust Primary School spent a whole week focusing on books, language and reading.

It started with a ‘vocabulary dressing-up day’ where pupils and staff went into school dressed as an interesting word.

Headteacher Jennifer Thornton said: “The focus on language is a really important part of learning. The thought and creativity that went into the costumes was fabulous but the best part is the children were learning new vocabulary in a fun, engaging way.”

Two authors, Steve Clifford and David Fuller, visited the school. The children heard about how these authors were inspired to write, and how they planned and created their stories. The children also took part in writing workshops to help them create their own stories of a similar style.

English leader Sarah Allen was impressed with the level of creativity the children showed.

She said: “We have some budding authors at Fernhurst – one day we will be using their stories in classrooms.”

The school has an indoor fiction and non-fiction library, as well as an outside reading area.