Haslemere Town Council was presented with a petition from residents to change the speed limit on A287 Beacon Hill village, located between Hillgrath and Hindhead Golf Club, from 40mph to 30mph.

Currently, it is the only village between Haslemere and Farnham with a 40mph limit; everywhere else has a 30mph limit. There are no safe places for residents to cross the road when alighting from the bus stop on the Farnham side of the A287, and there have been several incidents of near misses by drivers turning onto the A287, finding cars overtaking at speed.

The council also received another petition from Beacon Hill residents, requesting to reduce the speed limit of Clovelly Road to 20mph due to concerns about its use as a rat run.

The council agreed that the speed limits in Beacon Hill and Hindhead need to be reviewed holistically.