TWO teachers from Kenya visited Beacon Hill Primary School as part of the British Council's "Connecting Schools" programme.

It is the sixth year of Beacon Hill's partnership link with Nyabondo School, and during their 10-day stay, the teachers from the western Kenyan school, "Mr Washington" and "Mr Joash" as they are known to the children, were able to spend time with and teach all the age groups at Beacon Hill, as well as joining pupils on school trips.

Year four teacher David Crew explained the Kenyan school system was different, with children not grouped in classes according to age. They are expected to pass a test before they can move up to a different class.

Mr Crew said: "The children we able to learn about the different lifestyle in Kenya as well as the school system there.

"The teachers were also able to see the way we teach phonics – the method of breaking down words to help young children learn how to spell."