The council taxpayers deserve much more transparency for this multi-million-pound taxpayer funded plan to replace 1960 style bungalows, fortunately given transparency in the Farnham Herald, January 4, 2024

Why are the bungalows inefficient and why is upgrading them uneconomic? Why is there no reference to the business case produced to justify this substantial expenditure?

Learning the dismal lessons of the Woolmead demolition what guarantee is there that once the bungalows are demolished that the new development is affordable and that it will take place in succession? 

As Councillor Hyman correctly advises, the cost of this project must include the market value of the demolished bungalows and their demolition costs. What then for affordability?

Councillors have the legal duty to deliver value for money for the taxpayers, which begs the question why was the option of selling to a developer not considered and evaluated? From where can the taxpayers gain confidence in Waverley Borough Council’s ability to build affordable homes and what do they consider the cost of an affordable home, which is a much-abused opinion?

It would also be helpful if Cllr Mark Merryweather (Lib Dems, Farnham Moor Park), portfolio holder for finance, assets and property, advise where the legal authority resides for a council to principally deliver social value within such proposed developments.

These projects contain high commercial risk for Waverley’s taxpayers over which they have negligible influence. There is also a social value in ensuring that public resources are used equitably, prudently, and diligently in the public interest.

Brian Edmonds

Quennells Hill, Farnham

Former Farnham Residents town and borough councillor for Wrecclesham