Members of the recently-formed Dene Lane (Upper) and Cricket Lane Association in Lower Bourne have embarked on remedial work to improve their unadopted roads bordering the Bourne Green.

The group of neighbours spent the morning filling potholes with 17 tonnes of scalping material. 

This year was the first with a hired roller machine. Waverley councillors Carole Cockburn and Tony Fairclough visited the group to show support.  

Group chair Carina Hamilton said: “For an unadopted road, Dene Lane experiences a high volume of traffic and suffers from erosion with heavy rain. 

“It is thanks to the efforts of the local residents donating both their time and money that we are able to sustain a road that is at least usable for the community’.

The group hope to work with the local authorities to achieve a more permanent solution which would include drainage.