Fewer than four in ten voters used their vote in the local elections in Waverley yesterday (Thursday).

All of the ballot papers cast have now been verified at Waverley's count hall, with counting of the Waverley Borough Council ballot papers to get underway at around 2pm.

Counting of the parish and town council ballot papers will take place during the day on Sunday.

Robin Taylor, Waverley returning officer, confirmed the voter turnout in the Waverley Borough Council poll stood at 39 per cent and in the parish and town polls in Waverley at 38 per cent.

This is marginally lower than the 2019 turnout, which stood at 43 per cent in the Waverley Borough Council election.

Waverley Borough Council election (all wards combined):

Ballot papers cast: 37,575 (including spoiled and rejected ballot papers)

Electorate: 96,186

Turnout: 39 per cent

Parish and town councils in Waverley (contested wards only):

Ballot papers cast: 23,582 (including spoiled and rejected ballot papers)

Electorate: 62,709

Turnout: 38 per cent

Farnham's borough council wards will be counted first alongside some rural wards, with Haslemere, Godalming and other wards to follow in 'tranche two' later this afternoon.

The candidates hoping to win seats on Waverley Borough Council this afternoon are as follows:

Alfold, Dunsfold & Hascombe:

Kevin Neil Deanus (Conservative)

Zahid Naqvi (Labour)

Guy Brooks Palmer (Lib Dems)

Kurt Connor Relleen (Conservative)

Amanda Taryn Sampson (Green)

Bramley & Wonersh (three seats):

Lauren Kay Atkins (Conservative)

Jane Kathryn Austin (Conservative)

Martin William D'Arcy (Green)

Michael Rodney Goodridge (Conservative)

Simon Joseph Hall (Labour)

Christopher James Hard (Labour)

Mark Claude James Vivian (Lib Dems)

Paul William Wright (Lib Dems)

Chiddingfold (one seat):

Dave Busby (Lib Dems)

Kathleen Patricia Thompson (Conservative)

Cranleigh East (three seats):

Simon Robertson Chatfield (Conservative)

Dennis Arthur Davidson (Conservative)

Stephanie Ann Kelly (Conservative)

Ken Reed (Lib Dems)

Ruth Carolyn Reed (Lib Dems)

Philip Townsend (Lib Dems)

Mark West (Labour)

Cranleigh West:

Arthur Martin Barringer (Reform UK)

Thomas George Cox (Conservative)

Joseph Ben Davies (Labour)

Laurence Dunn (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition)

Alan Rodney Morrison (Lib Dems)

Christopher William Pierce (Conservative)

Liz Townsend (Lib Dems)

Ellie Waple (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition)

Elstead & Peper Harow (one seat):

Sheila Dowell (Conservative)

Gemma Felicity Long (Lib Dems)

Ewhurst & Ellens Green (one seat):

Nigel Edward Garfit Clowes (Conservative)

Michael James Higgins (Lib Dems)

James Bryan Mitchell (Labour)

Keith Nisbet (Reform UK)

Farnham Bourne:

Carole Agnes Cockburn (Conservative)

Aly Fitch (Conservative)

Michaela Jane Martin (Farnham Residents)

Christopher George Murray (Farnham Residents)

George Wilson (Green)

Farnham Castle:

John Michael Barrington Gaskell (Labour)

George Adam Legrew Hesse (Farnham Residents)

Heather McClean (Farnham Residents)

Clare Louise Ovens (Conservative)

Anthony John Watson (Conservative)

Farnham Firgrove:

Rebecca Michelle Birchwood (Labour)

Arthur Forrest (Conservative)

Jerry Hyman (Farnham Residents)

Kika Mirylees (Farnham Residents)

William Toby Page (Conservative)

Farnham Heath End:

Rosamund Croft (Conservative)

Tony Fairclough (Farnham Residents)

Andrew Desmond Jones (Labour)

Timothy Stacey (Conservative)

Michaela Colleen Wicks (Farnham Residents)

Farnham Moor Park:

Sarah Marie Austin (Conservative)

Sean Patrick Donovan-Smith (Conservative)

Andy MacLeod (Farnham Residents)

Mark Ian Merryweather (Lib Dems)

Farnham North West:

David Beaman (Farnham Residents)

Natasha Maria Carlotta Fletcher (Green)

Pat Frost (Conservative)

James Pressly (Conservative)

Graham John White (Farnham Residents)

Farnham Rowledge:

Peter Alexander Clark (Farnham Residents)

David Alan Dearsley (Conservative)

Christopher Neil Storey (Conservative)

John Anthony Ward (Farnham Residents)

Mark Edward Westcott (Independent)

Farnham Weybourne:

Andrew James Seymour Laughton (Farnham Residents)

Anthony Guy Grantly Lewis (Conservative)

Ian Sampson (Conservative)

Richard Peter Steijger (Lib Dems)

Godalming Binscombe & Charterhouse (three seats):

Steve Cosser (Conservative)

Ed Holliday (Conservative)

Daniel Ali Husseini (Conservative)

Nick Palmer (Labour)

Paul Sidney Rivers (Lib Dems)

Stephen Edward Dalton Williams (Green)

Godalming Central & Ockford:

Andrew John Campbell Bolton (Conservative)

Paul David Follows (Lib Dems)

Daren Howell (Conservative)

Victoria Claire Kiehl (Lib Dems)

Godalming Farncombe & Catteshall:

Janet Anne Crowe (Labour)

Penny Rivers (Lib Dems)

Robert Wells (Conservative)

Nick Williams (Conservative)

Godalming Holloway:

Adam James Lloyd Clark (Independent)

Adam William Duce (Lib Dems)

Margaret Anne Gray (Conservative)

Peter James Martin (Conservative)

Clare Louise Weightman (Green)

Haslemere East (three seats):

Zoe Alice Barker-Lomax (Conservative)

Graham Louis Betts (Conservative)

Shirley Lewis (Labour)

Claire Louise Matthes (Green)

Stephen Nigel Mulliner (Conservative)

Peter John Nicholson (Lib Dems)

Terry Weldon (Lib Dems)

Haslemere West:

Tom Bridge (Conservative)

Stephen Peter Fry (Conservative)

Jacqueline Rosemary Keen (Lib Dems)

John Edward Robini (Lib Dems)

Toby Luke Westcott-White (Labour)

Hindhead & Beacon Hill:

Malcolm Carter (Conservative)

Jerome Michael Francis Davidson (Lib Dems)

Ged Hall (Conservative)

Julian Hewitt Spence (Lib Dems)

Western Commons:

David John Munro (Independent)

Nabeel Nasir (Conservative)

Susan Mary Ryland (Green)

James Staunton (Conservative)

Witley & Milford (three seats):

Mark Andrew Bray-Parry (Green)

Maxine Beatrice Gale (Independent)

Gary Hudson (Conservative)

Andrew Duncan Law (Lib Dems)

Trevor James Sadler (Conservative)

Phoebe Sullivan (Conservative)

Number of candidates per political party across all Waverley Borough Council wards:

  • Conservatives: 50
  • Lib Dems: 25
  • Labour: 13
  • Green: 10
  • Farnham Residents: 14
  • Reform UK: 2
  • Independent: 4
  • Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition: 2

Number of Waverley wards contested by each party:

  • Conservatives*: 23
  • Lib Dems: 16
  • Labour: 12
  • Farnham Residents: 8
  • Green: 10
  • Reform UK: 2
  • Independent: 4
  • Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition: 1

* The Conservative Party is the only party to contest all 23 of Waverley’s wards.