Environmental group Plastics Rebellion disrupted Chancellor Jeremy Hunt’s community litter-picking event in Ash Vale on Friday.

Activists confronted the South West Surrey MP with a government report recommending a plastic waste export ban, a move not considered by the Cabinet.

Mr Hunt faced questions on his commitment to the waste crisis and activists criticised him for focusing on minor littering while neglecting the plastic overproduction issue.

Mr Hunt has previously said: “We’re waging war on UK’s litter louts. In a survey I recently conducted, 75 per cent of local residents said they wanted better litter collection, better recycling services, or litter bins with recycling options – and I completely agree.

"Litter can ruin what are otherwise beautiful landscapes – including in the Surrey Hills where I walk Poppy every weekend.

"Furthermore because large amounts of our litter is plastic, it is not biodegradable. It also attracts pests, foxes, and pose a health risk, especially if children play in areas where sharp objects are left.

"The Prime Minister’s Antisocial Behaviour Action Plan deals with these issues head-on.”

But Plastics Rebellion spokesperson Janet Storey said Mr Hunt's war against litter louts is directed at the wrong people.

She added: "Littering is a minor social problem. But producing the millions of tonnes of ‘disposable’ or ‘recyclable’ plastics that are choking the planet – that’s the responsibility of Big Plastic and their government enablers. The real litter louts are Jeremy and the cabinet.”