I am astounded to read in the Herald that Haslemere Town Council, the parish council for Haslemere “were shocked to discover car park charges will soon rise across the town”. 

Really, is not the mayor and a number of town councillors Liberal Democrat members of Waverley council? Were they not aware or just too embarrassed to tell town members?

Bearing in mind the huge potentially negative impact this increase could have on local businesses, I’m thinking of Haslemere High Street particularly here.

It seems the Lib Dem-run Waverley administration removed the requirement for car park charges to be voted on under the budget by councillors, so the 18 per cent increase in car park charges can be introduced without a vote in council.

At the same time it seems local Lib Dems continue to vote to amalgamate and share services with the Lib Dem run Guildford Borough Council which reportedly is under police investigation.

Let’s hope that’s not something Waverley residents also end up paying through the nose for!

Douglas Streatfield

Wood Road, Hindhead