FARNHAM Lions’ 11th Project Wenceslas was officially launched by the town mayors of Farnham and Haslemere in November, and is still running this January.

The Lions invite those who receive a winter fuel payment and feel they don’t need it, to donate all, or part of it, to Farnham Lions Club to help families in the Farnham and Haslemere areas who are seriously struggling to cook hot meals and keep warm this winter. The club also welcomes donations to this cause from anyone else who would like to help.

Last year the Lions received more than £27,000 from the residents of Farnham and Haslemere which was used by Citizens Advice, the Farnham Covid Support Fund and other assistance agencies to help clear fuel debt of their clients. In addition, some of the fund was used to make useful grants to "top up" prepay meters to help users and their families over last winter.

Donors can donate via www.lionsgiving.co.uk/Appeal/farnhamwenceslas or by sending a cheque payable to Farnham Lions Club and endorsed "WFP" on the back to Lion Treasure, 1 Acheulian Close, Farnham, GU9 8PL.