We asked for your thoughts on the state of our roads – and you didn’t disappoint.

Most of the photos on this page of deep potholes were taken by Janice Montgomerie at just two locations.

Janice says: “These are at two junctions within Alton, along the road out towards Basingstoke.

“The road surface at the Basingstoke Road-Pertuis Avenue junction has been terrible for years and is now a safety hazard, especially for cyclists.

“The road surface at the junction of Basingstoke Road and Medstead Road has also been deteriorating for years, and these pot holes could be lethal if a cyclist hit one.

“They have all been reported to Hampshire County Council but they are currently only responding to emergencies.”

Peter Stephens from Wrecclesham sent us the photo on the top left of the page, taken in South Street in Farnham.

He writes: “This picture brilliantly illustrates why the current method of repairing potholes is not fit for purpose.

“Here we have a deep pothole in a checkerboard of patch repairs, formed in the same hole as a previous ‘repair’. The current guidelines for staff are clearly not working.

“In the past, holes were cut around, the hole filled and then at the join, liquid tar was poured over the join to stop water entering and sealing it.

“I raised this once before and was told a cyclist had slipped on the smooth surface!

“So one or more cyclists came off. How does that compare with cyclists being unseated after hitting a pothole, which may be invisible as it is full of water?

“How does it compare to the number of motorists whose wheels and tyres have been broken, costing the council in claims, apart from the inconvenience to the motorist who may be a lady and taking children to school or other important appointment?

“The system of pothole repairs simply doesn’t work, is a waste of money as crews have to repeatedly visit the same place time after time. Surely the major cost is in sending crews out rather that the materials used.

“I reported the surface at Crondall Lane in Farnham on July 13, 2022. Last month I saw a crew once again repairing the same section.

“The section of road uphill from the Wrecclesham railway bridge is another wonderful example of piecemeal patching breaking down.

“It is not too much of a mental challenge to work a better system:

  • Cut out the hole.
  • Square if off.
  • Fill and compress.
  • Seal the join.
  • And if this is slick (previous objection), dust the hot tar with a fine grit.
  • Move to the next.

Too often you see one pothole being repaired and the one a few metres away left to deepen until a return visit is required to the same section.

“This has to be more expensive than ‘Do it once and do it properly’.

“I am not an engineer, but I have some common sense. Is it sooo difficult?”

Have you seen worse potholes than these? Email details to [email protected]