A team of Year 9 and 10 students from Weydon School will be judges in the third annual Weydon Multi-Academy Trust (WMAT) Book Award.

Their job is to read the six shortlisted titles chosen by fellow students from a long-list of Young Adult Fiction titles by British authors published between September 1, 2022 and August 31, 2023. 

As well as being a reader, they will also be book critics, considering ‘the three Es’ (enjoyment, enrichment and engagement) when deciding which of the six books should win the coveted title of WMAT book of the Year 2024.

The shortlisted books are:

What the World doesn’t see by Mel Darbon

Mindwalker by Kate Dylan

A Dark Inheritance by HF Askwith

This Summer’s Secrets by Emily Barr

Wrecked by Louisa Reid

HappyHead by Josh Silver

Students from Woolmer Hill, Farnham Heath End and Rodborough Schools will join the Weydon students on June 27 to vote for the winning title.