A South Harting man who drove across India in a vintage 1923 Rolls Royce will talk about his journey and other adventures to a village group next Thursday, December 7.

Rupert Grey will lift the bonnet on an incredible life of travelling and dramatic career changes during his Rucsacs and a Rolls talk to the Harting Society.

The adventurer left England on the last cross-Atlantic passenger liner in 1966 to become a lumberjack in Canada.

He later became a prospector, explorer, soldier, actor, libel lawyer, photographer and writer, while his 2012 Romantic Road film about driving across India to Bangladesh became a Netflix hit.

Rupert’s talk will centre on that journey and will embrace the hippie trail, starvation, international incidents and meetings with a pirate king and human rights activists. The talk will begin at 7pm in the village hall and will be followed by the group’s Christmas party, non-members welcome.