THE Cabin opened its doors for the first time last weekend to the delight of commuters and residents alike. 

Sarah Castleman and Max Evans are the joint owners of the newly opened Cabin. 

Partners in life as well as in business, when they moved from the capital to south west Surrey they realised Haslemere was missing a London-style coffee shop and decided to fill the void.

Decorated in the same style as their home, The Cabin really is a home away from home.

Sarah said: “The opening has gone really well. 

“Everyone’s been so positive and happy something is finally here again.”

The pair designed it with commuters in mind. Its doors are open from 8am until 8.30pm for coffee, canned cocktails and craft beers.

Whether you're heading into Town for a night-out or work, whatever pick-me-up you need, The Cabin has it.