THIS year’s Bohunt School leavers chose a Hollywood theme for their prom, held at Old Thorns Country Hotel.

Transport for prom goers ranged from stretch limos, to classic cars, fire engines and beach buggies, with one student arriving on a Lambretta.

Tables were decorated in black, gold and silver, with oversized martini glasses filled with jewels and lights, while original film posters were on display in the ballroom.

Props and balloons for the glamorous event were provided by Moonlight Events and Peep Inside.

During the evening ball-goers had the opportunity to show off their spectacular outfits, as well as dance and win fantastic prizes including a pop- up tent, a barbecue bucket and a popcorn maker.

Headteacher Neil Strowger said: ”The leaver’s ball is a true celebration of our year 11’s achievements in and outside the classroom. Their confidence, drive and independence is fantastic to see and they are a great example of the qualities we develop in Bohunt students.

“We wish all of them well in the future and look forward to hearing of their continuing success – though happily, for many this year it is not ’goodbye’ as we shall be seeing them again in September when our new sixth form opens.”

Proceeds from the prom DVD will go to Cancer Research.