Haslemere Town Council discussed at its recent meeting what it could do to ensure The Edge leisure centre reopened.

Despite meetings between Surrey County Council, Waverley Borough Council and Woolmer Hill School, a resolution is yet to be found.

Councillors agreed The Edge must remain a community asset as it was clear it benefited many community groups and was the only centre in the area with sporting facilities for people with disabilities.

Richard Lewis, founder of Swallows Trampolining Club, said it was difficult for it to find an alternative venue as a height clearance of eight metres was required. 

He added East Hampshire District Council had been approached for Community Infrastructure LOevy funding. 

Waverley councillor Zoe Barker-Lomax said a proposal for Waverley to continue managing the centre for two years had been agreed in principle but the issue was now financial because of the annual management fee of approximately £130,000.

The town council wrote to the county and borough councils to express its “disappointment” at what it saw as a lack of communication, and urged them to reopen The Edge by October.