The Haslemere for Ukraine group is appealing for anyone who has accommodation options for refugees to come forward.

The Facebook group aims to provide support, a home and more for Ukrainian refugees. The group is now urgently looking for anyone who has rooms or properties to let to – or space in their homes to host – Ukrainian refugees.

Volunteer Jo Mackay said: “The key thing we continue to work on is rehousing Ukrainian guests.

“This isn’t for new people coming over but for Ukrainians who have already been here for more than six months and aren’t quite ready or able to live independently.

“The benefit is that a potential host can meet the existing host first, as well as the Ukrainian guests.

“There is never an obligation to host unless both sides are happy. We desperately need more options of accommodation – anything from a single room to an annexe, or even a discounted rental that makes it affordable for someone to live independently.

“Some accommodation needs are short term until longer-term solutions are ready – so hosts may only be needed for a month or two at most.

“We would go through the relevant district council and get them signed up as official hosts so they qualify for the monthly support payments.”

Anyone who can help should email [email protected]