LOVE Haslemere Hate Waste is looking for a venue to host a new Library of Things.

It is also seeking donations of items including power tools, garden tools and other items.

New experts have joined the Repair Cafe including Sasha, who is very skilled in working with leather and can repair handbags, overnight bags, belts and buckles.

With a huge range of skills among the repairers, it’s common for an item to pass between repairers to take advantage of different skills.

Earlier this year, a talking teddy had its electronic voice box repaired by David, and was hand stitched by Jennifer.

More repairers are always welcome into the Repair Cafe. Email the Love Haslemere Hate Waste team to sign up or to offer help to the team.

Love Haslemere Hate Waste hosted its latest Repair Cafe at the town hall on Saturday, March 5, welcoming residents of Haslemere and all their broken items.

The repairers tested their skills and knowledge with a variety of items.

Repairer David took on a leaking dehumidifier and, through a process of elimination, suggested the hose could be the cause of the leak and advised a replacement.

Cllr Claire Matthes took in her Thermos with a broken hinge, which repairer Anthony fixed using specialist strong glue.

A beautiful Indonesian terracotta statue that had its head broken off was taken away by repairer David to restore.

Cllr Matthes said: “The Repair Cafe has been a huge help for us, having repaired a bike and now our Thermos. It’s saved us money, as well as diverting items from landfill too.

“I’ve been delighted with the service from the repairers – they are such a welcoming group. I hope everyone in Haslemere has the chance to make use of this much-needed community initiative.”

The Repair Cafe has also recently welcomed several new members, including Amy and Samantha who are proficient sewists and keen to share their skills with each other and among the community.

For every item repaired, Love Haslemere Hate Waste accepts donations for its aforementioned Library of Things, where residents can borrow items they don’t need to buy, like a spirit level or power drill.

For details visit the website at