THIRTY young members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association (AMYA) in Surrey and Hampshire put their litter-pickers to good use on New Year’s Day, cleaning up the streets of Aldershot town centre after the previous night’s revelry.

“This isn’t just to keep our surroundings clean, but is also done to remind our young Muslim youth about the duty they have to serve their country,” said a spokesperson for the Tilford-based AMYA group.

“More than that, it is also about trying to instil lifestyle changes in the youth. We take for granted the amount of food and plastic which is wasted, and such events are a reminder of how current consumption is destroying our planet.”

AMYA has organised New Year litter-picks for many years, and the young Muslims also cleaned up Sheephatch Lane in Tilford – where the global headquarters of the Ahmadiyya movement is located.