A new exhibition commemorating the 80th anniversary of D-Day has gone up in the reception area of Haslemere Museum.

The exhibition has been created by members of the Haslemere Young People’s Exhibition team, with special thanks to Jess Peel.

The team have researched names from the Haslemere war memorial as part of their display on the Normandy landings, which happened on June 6, 1944.

The exhibition will be open from Tuesday to Saturday, 10am to 5pm, until Saturday, June 8. The Haslemere Young People’s Exhibition team are children and young people of secondary school age and above who come together at the museum to work on various projects, including photography, film, arts and exhibitions.

Anyone who would like to know more about the Haslemere Young People’s Exhibition team should get in touch with the museum's education officer, Kay Topping.

She can be contacted by email at [email protected]