Two weeks ago a family member took her grandchildren, ages four and two, to the playground in Gostrey Meadow. Near the sandpit a group of men were obviously “doing” drugs, shooting up. The needles could be seen clearly.

Last week a two year old child came down the slide holding an object wrapped in a sock. It was a large knife.

How safe is the playground? What dangers lie hidden in the sandpit? Hypodermic needles? Knives?

So our small children can be kept safe may I suggest the council workers, who keep the toilets so clean, could also rake through the sand and check the play equipment for dangerous objects.

Maureen Covey

Hurlands Close, Farnham

A Surrey Police spokesman said: “We received a call around 10.30am on November 22 reporting that a large knife had been found wrapped in a sock in the Gostrey Meadows play area in Farnham. The knife had been placed in a bin.

“A number of checks were carried out and it didn’t appear to be linked to any other matters we were aware of or that had been reported to us. 

“The knife was wrapped up and disposed of in a domed bin. The matter was recorded on our system in the event that further information is subsequently reported.

“We would always encourage people to always report their concerns and information to us – it all helps to build up a bigger picture and focus our patrols most effectively.”