Six applicants for Neighbourhood Community Infrastructure Levy funding from Alton Town Council were successful when the council met to decide bids on January 10.

Councillors approved a request for £10,000 to fit electric gates at the Wootey schools campus, although three members voted against it.

Amery Hill Residents Association’s application for £22,000 towards a Brewery Heritage Trail was also agreed, with two abstensions.

A bid by Alton Cricket Club for £8,000 to carpet its cricket nets was backed by councillors, with one voting against.

Members were unanimous in their support for £15,000 to help the Allen Gallery and Garden expand what it can offer in the gallery and upgrade the garden.

Also receiving unanimous backing was Alton Town Council’s request for £5,900 to develop a community office and meeting space.

There was a debate about whether to grant Treloar’s £10,000 to buy an electric bus.

The rules for giving Neighbourhood Community Infrastructure Levy money state that applications should be for infrastructure related projects which benefit the local community.

It was suggested that the money would only benefit Treloar’s and not the Alton community as a whole, but Cllr Graham Hill said Treloar’s was part of the community as around 180 students and between 150 and 200 staff actually lived on the Holybourne site.

He added: “They are a heavily disadvantaged part of our community and I want you to take that into consideration.”

The application was agreed, with one member voting against.

Deferred until the February full council meeting was an application by Alton Dental for £20,000 towards a £360,000 expansion of its dental practice. The company said it would remove between 700 and 900 people from its waiting list of 1,000 wanting NHS-subsidised dentistry.