A Bletchley Park Second World War translations worker has celebrated her 100th birthday at Redcot care home in Haslemere.

Juliet Fuirer’s milestone day began with gifts, balloons and a card from Buckingham Palace. She was then whisked away by her family for lunch, and when Juliet returned she enjoyed a birthday party complete with a birthday cake with her care-home friends.

Juliet, who was born in Ludhiana, India, has been a resident at Redcot residential care home for two-and-a-half years. She spent the first six years of her life growing up in India, recalling the many times snakes would curl themselves around the door handles of their home, before moving back to the UK.

She attended boarding school in Eastbourne, and later studied modern languages and logic at Bedford College. When she was 18 she joined the Army, putting her language skills to good use at Bletchley Park – where the team of codebreakers cracked the German Enigma code.

Juliet married Fernand, a cabinet maker, at St Christopher’s Church in Montreal, having moved to Canada after the war.

The couple then returned to England, where they raised their two daughters.

Redcot manager Jan Daly said: “We wanted to make sure Juliet had a wonderful 100th birthday and we’re so glad she enjoyed her day.”