A Farnham digital agency has been appointed to market Softbank Robotics Limited’s robots in the UK and Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) markets.

Thunderbolt Digital will market Softbank Robotics’ robots.

In less than ten years, Softbank Robotics has become a leader in the humanoid robot market. Already, more than 25,000 robotic units are used in more than 70 countries, in various sectors ranging from retail to tourism, health and education. With a strong market in the United States, Softbank wants to expand into the UK and EMEA markets.

As part of its strategy, Louise Goldsmith, head of marketing for EMEA, was looking for a digital agency which could create a digital marketing strategy to take Softbank’s robots to a global market.

Thunderbolt Digital is a full-service digital agency, based in Farnham. After receiving the call from Louise, Saybhan Delilkhan, managing director of Thunderbolt, was delighted to have the opportunity to work with a multi-billion dollar global company.

The aim of Softbank’s new web design is to have more units sold and more contracts in the hotels and restaurants sectors.

Once the website foundations had been built, the next phase was to build a brand awareness and education campaign for the hotels and hospitality industry, with a large focus on convenience and experience for potential customers and staff.

With the go-ahead from Louise, Thunderbolt has begun working with its PR department to target UK and EMEA markets using pay-per- click and email marketing.

Louise is excited about the partnership. She said: “We love working with Thunderbolt. Not only have they helped us with our website and marketing, but they are reliable and enthusiastic about our business. We look forward to seeing what else we’ll achieve with their support.”