Surrey Police were called after a pedestrian was involved in a collision with a motor vehicle on December 27. 

The incident occurred at 1.30pm on Sturt Road near the junction of Bell Vale Lane in Haslemere on the border of Sussex and Surrey.

A group were heading out for a Christmas ramble when one of the teenage walkers crossed the road and was thrown into the air by the  impact from an oncoming vehicle.

Motor car collision Sturt Road
(Photo supplied)

The police said the pedestrian was taken to hospital as a precaution. The picture shows the scene with the teenager receiving first aid below a blue tarpaulin with a fire engine, ambulance and police in attendance.

Residents are calling on the councils to reflect on the current 40mph speed limit, which they say is often ignored by speeding motorists. Residents also feel this road crossing point, which is near a sharp bend, should have better warnings for pedestrians and motorists.