CLIMATE issues are now firmly on the agenda of Whitehill Town Council.

Last Thursday, its executive committee voted to create a climate awareness sub-committee “to take a proactive lead in this area in Whitehill & Bordon”.

Its founder members are town councillors Andy Tree and Bisi Kennard plus four members of the public – Linda Delve, Helen Burt, Courtney Howden and Teresa Steele-Schober.

Cllr Tree, who leads the council, said: “I was happy to support Linda and fellow residents in making a climate awareness group a formal extension of the town council.

“Linda is passionate about this important area. I will be proposing that she becomes chairman of this new sub-committee when it first meets in January.”

Linda Delve said: “Climate change is affecting all of us. Despite the efforts of COP26 locally at Alton and nationally at Glasgow, I didn’t feel we were being represented.

“I approached Andy Tree as town council leader when my initial attempt to start a climate awareness group was faltering. Andy’s commitment to the community recognised that we had to do something and we have put a formal climate awareness sub-committee together for the community to be involved in. Thank you to the executive committee town councillors for their support.”