FIREFIGHTERS from Haslemere said a young woman was lucky to escape with no serious injuries after a head-on collision in Kingsley Green.

Fire engines from Haslemere and Midhurst attended the incident, involving a Smart Car and a Volvo, shortly before 7pm last Friday evening.

The crash occurred on the A286 and was also attended by Surrey police and the ambulance service.

No-one was trapped following the collision, but a fire service spokesman said the young woman driving the Smart Car was probably saved by her air bag.

The young driver was travelling northbound from Chichester University, to visit her parents in Kingston.

A third car was involved, having been in collision with the Volvo.

Two casualties from the original incident were given first aid at the scene for shock and minor injuries.

A spokesman for Haslemere fire station added: "Now is the time of year drivers should start thinking of winter safety."

He gave the following advice:

* Before leaving on a journey, drivers need to check if tyres are up to grade and can offer sufficient grip. The legal minimum tread depth for cars up to 3500 kgs, is a minimum of 1.6mm, throughout the whole circumference of the tyre.

* Drivers need to ensure maximum concentration at all times, and refrain from using mobiles whilst driving and/or consuming alcohol prior to driving.

The chances of having a road accident are much higher if over the legal limit of 80 milligrams of alcohol per 100 millilitres of blood, and even worse if using a mobile phone.

* Motorists need to be aware of road and weather conditions at all times. As the winter closes in, the risk of ice, heavy rain and fog increase dramatically. Drivers should be cautious of damp patches, especially under trees, even if it has stopped raining.