YEAR 6 pupils at St Ives School in Haslemere had to use all the skills they’ve learnt in STEM lessons to work out a crime scene.

Someone had been ‘murdered’ in the school’s science laboratory and it was down to the Year 6 pupils to find out who had done it.

Pupils were split into four groups with each group working together to gather as much evidence as possible from the scene.

Each group was given five minutes to examine the crime scene before interviewing key suspects.

Headteacher Kay Goldsworthy said: “STEM is a new subject in the St Ives curriculum and is already proving an excellent way of teaching teamwork, problem solving and critical thinking – all skills the children will need at secondary school and beyond.

“The topic on forensic science has proved especially popular and the murder mystery afternoon was a huge success.

“I was a little horrified that so many of the Year 6 pupils questioned me over the murder, but I have managed to forgive them.”