The Easter bunny had a record turnout for his annual egg hunt at the Fernhurst Hub.

Eighty-three children, a record number, hopped their way around the village in this yearly tradition along with their parents and grandparents.

Fernhurst Hub's Easter Egg Hunt
Isabelle Mariner (13), Emily Mariner (6), Jessica Mariner (10) were on the hunt (Photo supplied)

Hub manager Liz Rawlings said: “As more and more people arrived, we frantically printed extra maps, and I had to make a mad dash into Haslemere to buy additional eggs as we certainly hadn’t anticipated quite this many children.

“There was a slight panic as I went from shop to shop as all the supermarkets seemed to have run out of easter eggs. I’m pleased to say no one went home disappointed as every child was rewarded with an easter egg.”

Volunteer Pauline Colcutt, has been running the event for 20 years. She kept her fingers crossed all week for good weather and turnout, and was rewarded with an exceptional number of children.