The New Ashgate Gallery in Farnham has announced the shortlist for its Rising Stars 2022 competition.

On March 11, one of the 21 new UK crafters on the list will be crowned the winner and presented with a £1,000 professional development award plus the chance to stage a solo exhibition at the gallery next year.

But for now the 21 hopefuls are preparing work for the gallery’s free Rising Stars exhibition, which will show off their work from March 12 until April 23.

Their pieces will also be advertised in a catalogue and there will be business skills events to help them succeed in the modern marketplace.

They were chosen by a panel of judges comprising Dan Goode of Making Goode, Dr Outi Remes from the New Ashgate Gallery and Sharon Ting from the textiles department of Farnham’s University for the Creative Arts.

The 21 are Balanced Earth, Maddy Barnett, Peter Black, Michelle Chung, Kunning Ding, Catherine Dunstan, Lilly Eris, Claudette Forbes, Beatrice Galletley, Cathy Green, April Hay, Lara Rebecca Hoad, Zeba Imam, Seongeun Kim, Annabelle Laurie Macleod, Pratibha Mistry, Ji-Hyun Song, Sarah Sullivan, Dr Hannah White, Jane Wilson and Yidan Wang.

Sharon Ting said: “The selection process proved most challenging. There was a bewildering array of creativity within a body of highly individual submissions. It was heartening to view the breadth of work created through this pandemic year.

“Within the 21 selected makers, artists and designers there is strong use of colour, both monochromatic and bright. There are examples of work that exquisitely combines both analogue and digital processes in the exploration of materials, constructed and printed.

“There is also work that shows great care for people, our environment and, importantly, a sustainable and circular approach.

“Well done to all who have been selected and to those that applied.”

Rising Stars 2022 has been organised by the New Ashgate Gallery, the University for the Creative Arts and Dan Goode. It is being supported by the Billmeir Charitable Trust.