Barclays has announced it is closing its Farnham branch early next year, claiming fewer than 10 customers regularly use the branch.

The branch on the corner of The Borough and South Street was scheduled to close for good on February 21, leaving just two bank branches remaining in the town: Nationwide and Santander.

But a new closure date is tbc after cash machine provider LINK assessed the need for a new deposit service in the town.

It follows a raft of bank closures in Farnham in recent years, with Lloyds shutting its doors in 2023 following the earlier closures of NatWest and HSBC.

Echoing the others, Barclays says the decision comes as a response to the significant decline in foot traffic, with 95 per cent of branch users also utilising the app, online, or telephone banking in 2022.

In a statement announcing the closure, the bank emphasised its commitment to supporting the local community during this transition. A feedback initiative titled 'Branch Closure Feedback' will collect opinions on the closure's impact, and the results will be accessible online or at the branch.

Barclays has reassured customers that alternative support will be provided in the community after the branch closure. Details of the new support locations, focused on day-to-day banking queries, have not yet been disclosed – but these will not offer cash services.

The banking giant has encouraged customers to explore the various digital banking options provided by Barclays, including online banking, the Barclays app, and telephone banking.

The bank also highlights resources like its Digital Eagles and Money Mentors to assist customers in navigating the digital landscape.

For in-person banking needs, Barclays suggests visiting other nearby branches, cash machines, and the Post Office. The latter allows customers to withdraw and deposit cash, pay in cheques, and check balances.