STUDENTS and staff at Bohunt School have received support from three businesses for the acquisition of a new multi-sport scoreboard.

The new scoreboard aims to provide a professional environment, thereby inspiring students and offering additional opportunities for the school and community by allowing top-level sports games to be played on site.

The businesses, which together funded the state-of-the-art scoreboard, are Stellar Despatch, an express courier solutions company, Allianz Engineering and Adam George Flooring, a carpet and flooring specialist company. Adam is also an ex-Bohunt student and captained the basketball team while at the school.

Head of PE Paul Barry said: “We are beyond grateful to the three companies for their help and support in making a top scoring system a reality for Bohunt School.

“It will help inspire our students to consistently deliver high quality performance and allow professional games to be played here.

“Bohunt’s sporting achievements, including in basketball and netball, are something of which the whole school is proud.

“This scoreboard will be used extensively for school fixtures in a wide variety of different sporting activities and will further enhance the many competitive sporting opportunities at Bohunt.”

The scoreboard will not only be used at the matches of Bohunt’s seven basketball and five netball teams but for a wide variety of inter-tutor activities. The PE department has been hopeful of securing funding for a scoreboard for many years and it is destined to be in use every single day.

Frances Little, business standards manager at Allianz Engineering said: “At Allianz we believe that sports can bring huge value to local communities and plays a key role in bringing young people together, so we are delighted to support Bohunt’s new multi-sport scoreboard. We hope that this new equipment will bring many benefits to the pupils now and in the future, along with many other young sports teams in the local area”.

Neil Strowger, headteacher and CEO of Bohunt Education Trust (BET) added: “I am absolutely delighted that our PE department has such a fantastic scoreboard to enjoy.

“Being part of the community is very important to us and we are extremely grateful to the business people involved in making this possible.

“Our sporting teams fully represent the BET ethos of enjoy, respect, achieve. We are very fortunate to have had the support and collaboration with our community to enable the students to continue to practice and demonstrate this ethos – now with cutting edge technology.”

Bohunt School’s PE teams take part in more than 350 fixtures a year across a number of sports activities. To further enhance sporting opportunities the PE department organises a number of sports tours.

This year hockey and rugby teams travelled to Holland during February’s half-term. In May four netball teams travelled to Malta and in October girls and boys football teams and a boys basketball team will head to Boston and New York for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to play an American opposition. 

Recently, 65 athletes from Bohunt were part of a team that won the South East Hampshire School athletics championships, with 20 of the students qualifying for the county championships this month.